Top MJ Impersonator Thrills Audiences With

Sergio Cortes is an average, 39-year-old Spaniard, except for one little thing. He is one of the world’s leading Michael Jackson impersonators. In fact, a Brazilian entertainment site recently named him the world’s top MJ impersonator. Cortes, whose fascination with the King of Pop started at the age of five, travels the world, astounding audiences with his uncanny resemblance to MJ and astonishingly accurate recreations of the Jackson concert experience.

As a child, Cortes began studying the late pop idol’s mannerisms after his parents first noticed the remarkable likeness between their son Sergio and the lead singer of the Jackson 5. His enthusiasm led to his first experience portraying Michael in a photo shoot while still just a teenager. The shoot was a milestone for the budding entertainer, who came to see the potential in a career as Michael. The photo shoot led to a series of gigs that eventually became a full-time job.

Being a successful Michael Jackson impersonator involves much more than simply looking like and dressing like MJ. Cortes replicates the experience of a Michael Jackson concert, complete with the clothes, the spot-on choreography, and the rapport with his legion of fans. He views his success as a reflection of his own passion for Michael.

Cortes’s success as an impersonator has also made him a notable expert on MJ’s life. He was quoted in the media when one of MJ’s legendary white rhinestone-studded gloves sold at auction for $20 million. According to Cortes, the 2015 auction was one a major event for fans.

Today, Sergio Cortes’s career is fueled by his tens of thousands of fans, with his Facebook page exceeding 18,000 likes. He sees his performances as a way for fans to deal with their feelings of loss due to Jackson’s death. In fact, he sees his own performances as a way of finding comfort in the face of pain by paying tribute to his idol.
Cortes views his work is an expression of his own passion, as well as an opportunity to keep the memory of King of Pop alive.

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Work is Only One Part of Jon Urbana’s Personality

Jon Urbana is best known as a lacrosse player and coach amongst members of the U.S. based lacrosse community. In recent years, the former Villanova lacrosse standout has been looking to give something back to the community by running his own annual lacrosse camps that are increasing in popularity each and every year. The Next Level Lacrosse camps are concerned with creating excellent lacrosse players, and also concerned with making each and every player a better citizen than for their college years and beyond.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Business plays an important role in the life of Jon Urbana, but his life is filled with many different areas of interests that are as varied as the personality of Urbana himself. One area of Jon Urbana’s life that has been making headlines is his high profile aviation career, which has seen him reach the highest echelons of the industry. The Federal Aviation Authority has been keeping records on the best pilots in the world for a number of years and keeps them on the Airmen Certification Database. Jon Urbana was added to the database recently and joined many of the best respected pilots in the world on the list.

There are many options available for a man with the skills of Jon Urbana to extend his interests and activities outside of his business career. One of these activities is the musical career that he has been carving out for himself in many different areas of music. Known as a talented guitarist for a number of years, Jon Urbana has now sought out new ways of extending his interest in music with a popular electronic music career.

The arts are becoming an even more important part of the life of Jon Urbana as time passes by, which has also seen his interest in photography grow to an even higher level. The blogs and social media accounts of Urbana are filled with his photography that takes in aspects of nature and food photography that includes his many influences from the world of fashion photography.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana


Sergio Cortes: Pretending To Be Michael Jackson

The clothes are similar, the voice very similar and often, even the way you walk, look and behave with others. So does the life counterparts around the world who embrace the identity of music artists, stage and film and make this likeness his career.

In his Facebook profile, Sergio Cortes reported to be an artist with great talent for singing, composing, dancing and acting is not for everyone. And, similarly, to look like a big famous artist is not easy. Therefore, the look-alikes that are really talented sharpen the eyes of fans and curiosity of many. According to Sergio Cortes, look like Michael Jackson is not only his career, but it’s a privilege.

The similarity is such that it’s hard to believe that the pop star was reborn from the ashes. Sergio Cortes is now considered one of the best doubles of the American singer who died in 2009. The Spanish 43 year old was born on July 30, but was soon as a a child that his mother showed him how to think like Michael Jackson. At that time, Michael was part of the Jackson 5 group and had just started his brilliant career in American territory but of international concern. That was the turning point of his career, according to Sergio Cortes. “I started to pay attention to detail to me as Michael sang, danced, carried himself before the media and their fans. That was a different vision I had about what was on television about it, which gave me enough information to begin to interpret it in the best way, “confirms Sergio Cortes.

As a teenager, he was invited to dress like Michael Jackson and the photos were taken that day had enormous repercussions. It was then that the passion of Sergio Cortes for Michael’s music started to become a double career. He went on to receive invitations to perform as American Idol in several countries.

Today, the resemblance to the pop idol earned Sergio Cortes various shows, performances and more than 16,000 followers on his Facebook page. It is the social networks that the double disclose their work, talk to the fans and receive many proposals for new shows. Sergio Cortes admits she was very upset after the death of Michael Jackson in 2009 while sleeping in his mansion in Los Angeles, USA. “It’s even harder when you have incorporated the foibles of his idol, you know all about his life and interpret it part of your everyday life. It was a big impact on my life, “says Sergio Cortes. According to the look-alike, help him perform and fans of the late singer to overcome the pain of loss.

Other famous artists are also commonly imitated and have lookalikes as Sergio Cortes. Some are called even twins of celebrities due to semelhância so great. Among the list are singers, actors, politicians and other celebrities of television. Roberto Carlos, Raul Seixas, Renato Russo and Ronaldinho are among the most imitated in Brazil.

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Yeonmi Park Shares Her Story Of Defection From North Korea

The North Korean regime has always been seen as one of the harshest in the world that keeps an iron grip on the people of the country. Those who manage to escape from North Korea’s borders usually spend the rest of their time in hiding from possible retribution from the Communist regime. Yeonmi Park may only be in her early twenties, but she has set herself up as the voice of those who remain trapped in North Korea and hope to escape. Park’s amazing story of escaping to freedom has been detailed in her memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” and in a article. Yeonmi Park and her family had been members of the ruling class of North Korea before her father was sentenced to hard labor for his role in selling goods on the black market in a bid to feed his starving family. As starvation and humiliation became everyday occurrences for the family the decision to defect to South Korea was taken. Park, her mother and sister could not have imagined the many years it would take to arrive at the South Korean embassy in Mongolia as they crossed the freezing Yalu River into China to begin their journey. After crossing into China the family believed they would find safety with human traffickers employed to move them to the safety of South Korea. Instead, the family of Yeonmi Park faced dangers at every turn and saw the father die of complications from cancer left untreated on their journey. Years after setting out on their journey with Park aged just 13 at the start of the epic refugee story the remnants of the family arrived in South Korea and allowed Park to become an advocate for those in need within North Korea. Yeonmi Park of casey and yeonmi has faced the issues posed by North Korean sympathizers attempting to discredit her story, which is seen by most as a sign the young college student poses a threat to the regime with her outspoken views on real life under communist rule.

Do Some Traveling And More On Skout

Dating applications are extremely necessary for those who want to find dates, even if they are mobile. Julie Spira has created a top 10 list of the best dating applications, and the list has been published on the TCPalm website. The list includes the most popular dating applications as well as giving reasons why the applications are so popular. Skout, which has been around for years, showed up as number seven on the list, and there are many reasons for that. Besides being able to date and socialize on the network, virtual travel is also a possibility on Skout.

Traveling is something that many people do every year, but some are only fortunate enough to be able to travel once in a lifetime. If someone is looking to travel somewhere far, they may want to learn some more about the place that they’re going to, and looking up brochures or going through websites may not be enough. Skout has a feature called the Skout Travel feature, and using this feature can make a big difference in someone’s upcoming travel plans. Those who use the Skout Travel feature can easily find out a lot of information about a certain city or country that they are traveling to.

Instead of simply learning about a hotel and what a hotel consists of, a person can use the Skout Travel feature to learn about a city or town, and then they can have a three-dimensional view of what the place looks like. They’ll also be able to learn about the culture in the area they may be traveling to as well as the certain hotspots that are available. Using the Skout Travel feature is similar to taking a journey to the actual location, and a person can learn so much about a place they’re visiting that they may choose to visit that particular location in real life.

Another great thing about the Skout Travel feature is the fact that anyone can use the feature, and it only costs 25 Skout points. Once the feature is enabled, the person can do their virtual traveling, and it’s even possible for them to meet locals that live in the area that they’re traveling to. Meeting someone who is local in that particular area means that it’s possible for the traveler to make new friends, and then they may have someone to meet in real life when they go to that destination.

Many people have praised the Skout Travel feature as one-of-a-kind, and there have been millions of travels done by the Skout members. Many have even used the Skout Travel feature as a way to map out future vacations, even if the place they are going to was never one that they had in mind before using the Skout Travel feature. Even if a person doesn’t plan on traveling in the future, Skout Travel is an excellent way to get away from the norm, especially for those who are hard-pressed to find money to travel to another country.