Ken Griffin’s Education Was Valuable To Him

Ken Griffin is a man who was smart since he was young, and he is a man who was ambitious since he was young, as well. Ken Griffin on insidermonkey worked hard to make his career into all that it is today because a good career was something that he always wanted. He knew that he would be able to do well for himself if he was only to try hard enough, and to put enough work into learning from his schooling, and he has been able to have a successful career that many people are envious of because of that. He’s been able to make a good amount of money through his hard work, and every bit of time that he spent learning and growing has helped him to have the success that he has had.

One of the biggest things that helped Ken Griffin out as he was trying for his career was the knowledge that he received from Harvard College. He was able to learn a lot from the classes that he took there, and he is grateful to this day for all that the college taught him. He is so grateful, in fact, that he has decided to donate a large amount of money to the school. He gave it one of the largest donations that it has ever received because of just how lucky he feels that he was to have been able to attend the college.Ken Griffin hopes that others will be able to learn a lot from Harvard College with the financial help that they will receive from his donation. The financial aid office at Harvard College has been renamed in his honor, and when people think of him and the donation that he has given they should be left feeling inspired. He is a man who has always taken learning very seriously, and it was the learning that he did at Harvard College that helped him to be so successful in his career.

There are many people who have donated to Harvard College through the years, but none of them have shown their gratitude to it in quite the same way as Ken Griffin has. He has told the college just how much it has meant to him, and how grateful he is to it for the things that he has learned there, and every young person just setting out toward getting a degree should remember just how valuable their education truly is.

Doe Deere Reminds People About the Nature of Makeup

Makeup means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Given that about half the population uses makeup on a regular basis, it’s sure that there’s a lot of different views of it. But there’s a few things which almost everyone can agree on. For example, most people would agree that it can offer a transformative effect. It can help people look like they imagine themselves to be in their ideal state. But what a lot of people forget is that makeup is a powerful tool to actual make one’s dream a reality. This is why Doe Deere, a cosmetic CEO, is such a strong proponent of the idea of making one’s day dream into one’s life.

But to really understand her idea of transformation through makeup one must understand the woman herself. One of the biggest things to remember about Doe Deere is that she’s a big user of her own product. Many of the CEOs of major cosmetic brands don’t even use makeup. Not only does Doe Deere love the Lime Crime brand, she’s the one who invented it. Her dedication to her brand stems from a deep desire to create the product she wished she could find on shelves.

It all began when she was playing in a rock band. Anyone who’s done similar knows what an exhilarating and intimidating experience it can be to have every eye in the crowd turned in one’s direction. Doe Deere would, of course, feel all of that as well. But she had a strong academic background in fashion. For her it wasn’t so unusual to be the center of attention. In fact, it allowed her a great chance to really play with an audience’s expectations in order to gauge the success of different designs. But through it all she also had to live up to her own standards. She was happy with most of what she put together. But there was one aspect of her rock career which she simply wasn’t happy with. The makeup she was using simply wasn’t able to match what she imagined. All of the brands available fell short in one way or another. Some of them might have the high quality she was looking for. Which of course on needs when doing anything as strenuous as performing on stage or being especially active. But those would lack the variety of wild colors and shades she needed. At the same time those brands which did deliver the variety fell short on the quality.

And this is where the true transformative quality of makeup can be seen. Doe Deere knew that she had it in her to look and even be anything she could imagine. And as such she decided to simply make her own makeup. She spent a great deal of time and effort learning how to create makeup, and then perfecting the formula. But eventually she had a type of makeup so amazing that everyone else wanted some as well. In order to meet demand she turned it into a true brand. And that was the genesis of both the brand Lime Crime and Doe Deere’s career as a mover and shaker in the cosmetics world.

Susan McGalla: A Great Business Woman Of This Age

Quite a few women have had outstanding success in their fields, but none has touched the world as Susan McGalla. These women have been a great inspiration to other people especially the young in the entire globe. Susan is this kind of woman. Susan is a renowned American entrepreneur as well as an executive consultant residing in the US, Pennsylvania. She was brought up in Ohio alongside his two big brothers. Susan’s dad was a very stringent coach in soccer in one of the local clubs. The dad was as strict with the boys as he was to the daughter, Susan.

Susan got her degree in Arts in marketing and business at Mount Union College. She became prominent when she was working at the American Edge Outfitters Inc at the position of President and later on CEO at Wet Seal Inc. This greatly experienced management professional has a seat in the board of directors at HFF as well as Magee Women’s Hospital. She was a trustee at the University of Pittsburgh and Director of Allegheny Conference.

Susan McGalla initiated her demanding career in Joseph Horne Company. In this company, she worked in varied marketing and managerial positions in the period starting 1986 to 1994. At the end of 1994, Susan joined American Eagle Outfitters. In this company, she started out as a divisional buyer of commodities – outfits for women. She later on took up various positions like the managerial seat in the organization and eventually becoming the Chief Merchandising Officer and President of the company. During her reign as president, she foresaw the launching of 77 aerie and kids brands for the firm.

Before she was appointed the Chief Merchandising officer and general president, the organization was predominantly male and lacked even a single woman in the managerial or executive job positions and did not even take part in the board of management. Through corporation and confidence of the employees in the firm and Susan’s industriousness, she ultimately succeeded incredibly in her career adding to the long list of experiences.

The creativity and path by Susan created an overhaul transformation of the entire firm. She served in several management ranks in a business that ultimately landed her to the position of CMO and president. Having a high self-esteem as a successful entrepreneur is a gift to her owed to the years of total discipline, focus and fortitude that she very much loved to achieve.

Susan insists that her gender have never come in the way of pursuing her goals in her entire profession. Her heartening advice to all the focused and industrious women out there in the world is that they should always forget about their sex in pursuit of crucial goals in their lives. She further adds that when women think about their gender in the dealings they end up getting the inferiority complex.

Susan finally departed from the American Eagle Inc to begin her private consultation firm for the retail and financial investment sectors. She is the director of strategic planning and growth for Pittsburgh Steelers.

A Review of Skout: Making Connections

Skout is a social network and dating app, similar to Tinder, available for Android. The recent statistics have shown over 100 million downloads worldwide, characterizing Skout as one of the more active dating apps for mobile devices. The app offers a variety of tools to help establish connections between people.

Skout’s user interface layout easily sets it apart from other Android dating apps. For those familiar with the app called Path, they will recognize the familiar circular icons. This creates an eye-catching user interface that’s clean and professional. Each icon represents a person which contains a more detailed profile with their latest status update, photo album (with comment section), proximity to my location, and other information. Using these personal profiles, I can choose to send a user a wink, (the digital version of flirting), or add a user to my favorites section.

The primary menu gives quick access to the latest updates on the network. From there I can edit my own profile, view my favorites, and see the newest posts around the Skout website, and is accessible from just about everywhere.

Skout’s profile forms include ethnicity, age, height, and an About Me box that I can fill in however I choose. In the mobile app, I can fill out my body type and range of interests. Users cannot use interests or body type as search parameters, which encourages users to chat with each other about their interests. Search parameters do include locations close to me, age, sex and ethnicity.

Physically shaking the phone establishes an instant digital connection with another shaker anywhere in the world. I am able to chat with and view the profile of my shaker friend. This feature is highly addictive and fun, but not all shaker partners are immediately available.

In-program purchases are available through Skout’s own points system. Program extras include the ability to see which other users have marked me as a favorite, see who’s checked me out, give virtual presents, boost my profile for additional features, and attain higher visibility on the site. Points can be earned by encouraging Facebook buddies to sign up via the referral program or downloading and installing apps that the program recommends. The in-program purchases are optional, of course. Users can still take advantage of the free version to make connections.

Skout on instagram also offers a chat forum, although group chat rooms in the web version aren’t on the mobile app. The mobile does support one-on-one chatting. One-on-one chatting is a great option in this texting-rich environment. The more people get to know each other through non-programmed interactions, the better chance people have in making connections in real life, which is the purpose of these ground-breaking apps.

The Closest Resemblance Of Michael Jackson

There are many people trying to imitate MJ, but none of them has come as close to him like Sergio Cortes. Born and raised in Barcelona Sergio Cores is a striking reflection of MJ. This is characterized by not only his modes of dressing or dancing moves but also the physical manners and appearances that are so similar to Michael’s.
Sergio began imitating MJ ever since he was a very small boy. At the start, he did not want to imitate Michael. He just loved the way he moved while dancing and because he was his icon, he started copying the moves. He nevertheless looked so alike to MJ that crowds began drawing closer to him wherever he visited.
Sergio Cortes, the celebrity we know of currently, was born or came about when a local reporter uploaded into the internet some of his pictures and images. Cortes’s recordings became embraced almost immediately, and he started getting many requests by showbiz managers to perform Michael Jackson’s old songs in shows.
It was not until Sergio was a teenage boy that most people started showing up to look at him sing and dance just like Michael, that he became conscious that he had a future in the show business. As he continued getting older, he taught himself how to make similar vocal notes just like Michael and refined his dancing styles to suit Michael’s too. Undeniably, Michael made a big mark a top-notch entertainer with the moonwalk dancing style topping the list of unique signature moves that characterized MJ all over the globe.
The natural capability for Sergio to perform like MJ separated him from the other impersonators of the world. Currently at the age of 44, Sergio possesses dance moves, vocal sounds and striking looks just like Michael Jackson’s that it is weird.
There are numerous videos by Sergio online that display his unsurpassed skills in taking off MJ’s singing his well-known songs and dancing moves. When he combines these with the special effects, music, and costumes, he just brings the renowned king of pop to life and performing on stage. The performances are much loved and almost always leave fanatics mesmerized.
Cortes presently resides and performs at Brazil and is well known and celebrated very much over there. Most of his fans are very proud of him and love his performances making him a celebrity not only in Brazil but also in South America.

What Makes The BMG Bank Different From Others?

BMG is one on the leading banks in Brazil with more than 80 years of experience on the market. And it was founded by the family Guimarães. With a predilection for credit, it offers solutions both fo individual clients and major companies via products such as: BMG Empresas (for the financing medium companies and also suppliers of larger companies and economic groups), Payroll Credit Card, financing of used vehicles and BMG Realiza.
Throughout its successful history, the BMG bank stood out form other banks in the Brazilian financial market due to the strength of its sales and the excellence of its operation, creating itself a brand known all over the world for its technology, tradition and its competence to foresee large movements on the market. With a highly experienced and professional team of managers, the BMG bank, as the vice president Marcio Alaor claims, voluntarily opted to endorse the high level corporate practices of governance practices. The BMG bank has purposely chosen to form strong corporate governance methods, so as to professionalize the management, draw attention to more investors and contribute to the tenability of its business. One of the initiatives of its excellent practices is forming a Board of Directors – where 40% includes the independent members, along with the President -, various committees, Internal Audit Department and also Investor Relations Department that, ever since the year 2010, makes publications of financial results. What also ensures an effective and fast service is the bank’s close relationship with clients and investors.
In its history, the BMG bank has worked most of the times with portfolios of high quality credits, which has to a large degree been made possible thanks to the conservative policy of the bank. In addition to that, as Marcio Alaor BMG adds, all decisions about credit are collectively taken through a credit committee which is designed in such way as to meet demands of the bank in the most efficient, intelligent, and responsible way possible.

What makes the BMG bank stand out among others on the market is the human capital which is considered to be one of the bank’s main assets. Through a culture of meritocracy and a framework for recognition of talent, the BMG bank has developed high synergy groups, ready to overcome any challenge through teamwork and creativity. Throughout its history the BMG bank has demonstrated great flexibility and the ability to efficiently adjust to ever changing conditions on the market.

Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes Is The Best Ever

It seems impossible that one man born in Gary, Indiana, and another born in Barcelona, Spain that are not related to each other could look like identical twins. But that is what happened with Michael Jackson and Sergio Cortes. Their hair, facial features, and body type look exactly alike. When as a child growing up in Barcelona Cortes began to mimic Michael’s dance moves and mannerisms perfectly, people were astonished. By the time Cortes was a teen he was drawing large crowds and media attention. Once videos of him dressed and dancing like Michael Jackson hit the internet, Cortes became a worldwide sensation.

Sergio Cortes takes all the media attention and adoring crowds in stride. He is simply doing what he has loved to do his entire life; dance like Michael Jackson. When he began practicing Michael’s moves as a child it was just for fun and to entertain his family and friends. When he was asked to perform on live shows and television in Barcelona, Cortes was flattered, but he never thought anything would come of it. He was just enjoying himself. But gradually the size of the crowds following him began to increase and agents began knocking on his door offering opportunities for him to perform internationally. Sergio Cortes had become an entertainer himself.

While the screaming crowds, sold out shows, and television appearances have been nice, Cortes’ biggest thrill came when he was hired by Michael Jackson himself. When Cortes moved to Brazil he became one of the most popular entertainers in South America. He was mobbed everywhere he went. Just about every show he did was sold out. People began scheduling their South American vacations to coincide with his shows. He recently embarked on a European tour with live music and back-up singers and dancers that started in Italy and will make stops all over the continent.

People that see Cortes perform saw it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between him and Michael because he looks, moves, and sounds so much like the king of pop. They’re amazed two people can look and act so much alike. Many are thankful to get the opportunity to see him perform Michael Jackson’s classic hits. They say the way he moves the crowd is like being in the presence of the king of pop himself. That’s why they say Sergio Cortes is the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator.

John Textor Maintains An Extensive Portfolio Of Experiences

The country’s most powerful serial entrepreneur John Textor encourages
more creative artists to pursue the digital animation industry. Known
for his noteworthy expertise in managing an extensive portfolio of
major corporations including The Parent Company, Digital Domain,
BabyUniverse, Multicast Media Technologies, Wyndcrest Holdings, Sims
Snowboards, and Lydian Trust Company/Virtual Bank, this prominent
figure seeks to share his profound career experiences with his
employees at Pulse Evolution. Because the technology marketplace is
oversaturated with mediocre computer generated animations, Textor’s
outstanding talents serve as a model for novice creative artists and
executives. Most prominently, his primary goal is to guide individuals
in their graphic design pursuits.

In order to motivate a diverse and extremely talented group of remarkable professionals, Textor employed the skill sets he acquired during the course of his twenty year
career. Essentially, his profound business passion encouraged him to pursue
Economics at Wesleyan University where he graduated with a Bachelor of
Arts degree in Economics in 1987. Following the completion of his
college education, he founded Wyndcrest Holdings, which was a private
investment and acquisition firm located in Florida. Throughout their
operation, the company maintained five principals including John
Textor, Carl Stork, Michael Bay, Jonathan Teaford, and Dan Marino. His
success as a strategic managing partner led to various succeeding
executive roles at many major corporations across the United States.

In 2013, Textor successfully launched Pulse Evolution where he has served as the
Executive Chairman for the past two years. As the lead director of
this revolutionary company, he is often presented with the opportunity
to manage a group of highly talented executives and artists who are
skilled in designing hyper-realistic digital humans for prominent live
performances, mobile applications, and commercials as well as uses in
telecommunications, artificial intelligence, education, and research.
By utilizing his portfolio of former business experiences, Textor
successfully trains his employees to develop stunning digital humans
with the strategic implementation of effective visual effect sequences.
Remarkably, his powerful team of innovative professionals have
successfully worked together to invent unprecedented animated
characters and digital humans in the technology industry.

Alongside his career pursuits at Pulse Evolution, Textor was the
Executive Producer of Ender’s Game, which is a unique science fiction
film that was released November 2013. He is also has highlights of current projects on his YouTube, like the production of Art Story where he is privileged to work with
seasoned Disney filmmakers Chuck Williams and Aaron Blaise.

What Men Put On Their Feet Matters

It is a well known fact in the fashion world that women are particularly fond of italian shoes, but men need to be paying more attention to what is trending in shoes and their own feet too. There have been studies done on what men put on their feet, particularly one study done by Allen Edmonds. The study was conducted on 1000 women and men, and the results were astonishing. As it turns out, women judge men by what they put on their feet twice as much as men judge women. Also, well over half of the women polled judge a man’s over all sense of fashion based on the shoes he wears. The other results of the survey were even more shocking. About 36% of women say that a man’s shoes determine his financial position, 54% believe shoes reflect attention to detail and 52% will judge a man’s personality based on the shoes that he wears.

Women are clearly judging men based on what they wear on their feet, and they are judging based on what is trending in men’s shoes. There are some things a man can do to make a better impression though. It is recommended that men keep their toes covered. A lot of men take great care of their feet and even get pedicures, but a man’s toes aren’t considered the most attractive part of the body so keep them covered with fashionable loafers, sneakers or boat shoes. Just make sure that the sandals are left up except for around the house.

Women seem to be very fond of suede desert boots, and they have been for a few years now. Prince Harry is the man who seemed to kick off the fashion trend. Suede desert boots are much nicer than trainers, but they are also a little less formal so they can be a good friend in a man’s shoe closet. Still, whatever kind of belt you’re wearing, especially if it is showing, needs to have a matching color set of shoes to go with it. If there is a black leather belt, then make sure there are black leather shoes to go with it, and a preferred combo for women is the camel belt and camel shoe combo.. This may be an older rule, but it has stood the test of time despite the rules of fashion constantly changing.

If a man truly wants to have the very best and most fashionable footwear, then he should visit for the shoe collection. This retail outlet is guaranteed to not only have the most updated fashion trends in shoes, but it also has the highest quality. Paul Evans shoe collection gives the most available options for high end footwear available in one place.


In the digital age of innovation, millennials are improving upon every aspect of our lives. Crowdsourcing and mobile apps are changing the way that most things are done. Handy falls right in line with the millennial approach to life. Handy is the way of the future for home repair and cleaning professionals and services.

Handy is the a digital platform and industry pioneer which is connecting folks looking for household services with professional and well-screened service providers. Home cleaning and handyman services are now as simple as the click of a button. Every week Handy is able to match thousands of professionals with those in need of their services. Handy currently services many locations all over the world. Check the list of cities serviced and see if there are any Handy professionals in your area, and use the 60-second long booking process to book your next visit with a Handy professional. All professionals on Handy are thoroughly screened, so we are sure you will love the job that they do, but just in case you don’t, Handy offers a 100% money-back guarantee!


Getting your home in order is not always easy. Many busy professionals and families find that there just isn’t enough time in the week to do all the upkeep needed around the house. Luckily for today’s busy professional, Handy is here to help. The 60-second long booking process is easy to complete from your computer or phone. Just select the time and date you would like for your Handy professional to visit your home. Handy will take care of the rest! On the day of your appointment, a professional will show up fully-equipped and ready to help out around the house.


1) Handy only hires trusted professionals – All Handy professionals are rigorously screened. Handy only hires the most experienced and friendly folks but not before completing a background-check. All Handy professionals are insured.

2) Handy has convenient next day availability – The booking process of Handy is less than a minute, and whats more, Handy may be able to schedule your appointment as soon as the next day!

3) 100% Money-Back Guarantee – Like all great services, Handy offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Handy will refund your money if you are not satisfied with the work. The service Handy offers cannot be outshined!


Handy was founded in 2012 as a solution to a problem encountered by, Oisin Hanrahan, one of Handy’s founders. Hanrahan was just 19 when he began a career as a real estate developer in Easter Europe. In Budapest, Hanrahan began buying and renovating apartments. While buying and renovating properties in Eastern Europe, Hanrahan was beset with the age-old problem of finding a trustworthy and effective handyman to help with his renovations. The problem stuck in Hanrahan’s mind until years later he was able to team up with a classmate at Harvard Business School. Together, Hanrahan and classmate, Umang Dua, were able to map out a solution to the dilemma, and Handy was born.