Music Chairs for Singers

Sometimes a song is written for someone, but it gets sung by someone else. It might remind someone of a game of music chairs. Many artists may walk around the song and have it passed around, but only one artist or group will get the chance to sing it. MTV has compiled a list of songs that have been big hits, but the songs were meant for other people.

The Kelly Clarkson hit “Since you Been Gone,” for example, was not written for Kelly. It was written for Pink. It was Clarkson, however, that took control of the song and made it a super hit after Pink passed on it. Hillary Duff also had access to it, but Amen noted she passed on it.

“Umbrella” became the groundbreaking hit that would take Rihanna from R&B to the pop world. She would be launched to a whole new world with this song, but it was originally written for Britney Spears. Few people could imagine Spears singing the song. For Britney it was supposed to be on the 2007 album called “Blackout,” Spears already had enough songs for the album. It was a shame that she passed on it because the “Blackout” album would go on to flop.

James Horner Dies in Plane Crash

James Horner, the Oscar-winning composer of Titanic has died in a plane crash on Monday. Remnants of the small air craft were scattered along the desert in Ventucopa, California. Although he was a trained pilot, something went awry causing the plane to crash. His assistant, Sylvia Patrycja confirmed the news of his untimely death via social media.


Although he was a trained pilot, Horner was probably most well-known for his work on the Titanic says Ivan Ong on LinkedIn. He was the mastermind behind the original motion picture film’s best original song, “My Heart Will Go On.”


Horner worked on other film scores, winning an additional eight Oscars. Such films included Apollo 13, Braveheart, and Field of Dreams. Several Hollywood names were tweeting about Horner’s death. Ron Howard, for one sent a message of condolence to Horner’s family.


Crews have been investigating the scene to see what may have caused the horrific crash. Pictures show the land after the wreckage was cleared. Chard pieces of desert remain in the wake of the crash. Fire crews were on scene to ensure the fire was maintained and did not spread amongst the dry brush in the area. Emergency crews responded to the area just around 9:30am Monday morning.

Chris Brown Gives Nia A Chuck Of Cash For Her Birthday

Lately he has been putting his heart into his daughter Royalty and spending as much one on one time with her as possible. When the news that Chris Brown was a father Royalty was already 9 months old and the news came as a shock to both Chris and his then girlfriend Karrueche.
Ever since Royalty was thrust into our lives, we have watched Chris shower her with loves, gifts and kisses. There has not been a better time in Chris’s life than this. Without Royalty we are used to Chris being wild, emotional and inappropriate, now we are getting a more sensitive and mature sider of Chris and it is not a moment too soon.

Lately Chris has been trying to keep everything on the up and up with Royalty’s mom Nia Guzman, the last we’d hear Nia was livid with Chris for missing Royalty’s 1st birthday party because he was busy shooting a music video with Tyga and Mia Pia reports Shaygan Kheradpir. Even after Chris tried to fly Royalty and her family to LA for a belated birthday celebration at Disneyland Nia declined, it was simply too little too late.

Now Chris is once again trying to prove himself to be a caring and giving father, his latest attempt at making Nia happy is his best yet. Apparently for Nia’s birthday, Chris sent her a card filled with a check for 5k. In the care he sweetly told her what a great mom she is and thanked her for being there for Royalty.