Real Bono Performs With Fake Bono

Bono, the lead singer for rock band U2, Pulled a man who impersonates him from the audience at an Los Angeles U2 gig recently and performed the song “The Sweetest Thing” with him. For most of the song, the impersonator films the band with a cell phone while the real Bono sings. Near the end, the real Bono gives the microphone to the impersonator who takes over the vocals and does a good job of it.

The impersonator aside, I like the stage setup U2 uses on during this song. It’s just the band on a simple stage playing their songs. Sam Tabar feels like it’s nice to see them perform in a stripped-down context.

It’s interesting to speculate about impersonators. If they can do a better performance than the performer himself, then why don’t people go to see them more? For example, if you see a young Elvis impersonator perform today at Las Vegas, he’s working with a better sound system than the real Elvis ever did and is less likely to be spaced out on drugs.

T.I. and Chris Brown Unite for Private Show

What T.I. has managed to do as the King of the South is stay relevant in the world of rap. One way that he does this is by surrounding himself by the hit makers that can get him on the radio. Chris Brown is one of these guys. Brown joined T.I. for the new single called “Private Show.” Anything that Chris Brown is on is bound to get a lot of attention. That means that the song should be hitting the radio and blowing up airwaves soon.

What really is going to help the song take off is the video. The “Private Show” is referencing some women that are giving a private show. There are a lot of people that are going to be interested in seeing these two together. It really is one of the better collaborations for the summer.

BusinessWire reports that Brown has become one of the most successful producers. He is constantly on the radio. When T.I. combined with Pharrell and Chris Brown he was bound to have a hit. That is why most fans were looking forward to the “Paperwork” single. T.I. has certainly managed to keep himself relevant with these type of collaborations.

This is another summer jam video with ladies in lingerie that dance over nice beats.